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If You are Buying or Selling a Property, You Need to Call Blackwood, the Trusted Conveyancers in Adelaide

If you are buying or selling a property in Adelaide, your first call should be to Blackwood Conveyancing. The first question many people ask is “What do Adelaide property conveyancers do?” The answer is a great deal.

Our Blackwood property conveyancers in Adelaide represent both buyers and sellers. Our business breaks down to about fifty percent of each. A property transfer is a complicated undertaking, and the approach to that transaction is slightly different for a buyer and a seller. When a property transaction is negotiated privately, we will gladly prepare the contract, regardless of whether you are the purchaser or the seller.

Responsibilities of a Property Conveyancer in Adelaide for Buyers and Sellers

There are other tasks and responsibilities we will undertake as your professional conveyancers in Adelaide on behalf of buyers and sellers alike. We will conduct all the relevant document searches that may be required or prudent. We will calculate and allocate the various rates and taxes to be paid by each party, adjusted to the date of the settlement. We will attend to the settlement and answer any questions to make sure everything goes smoothly and assist with any issues that arise. We will then advise the appropriate rating authorities that ownership of the property has changed.

Property Conveyancers for Buyers

If you are a buyer, as your property conveyancer in Adelaide, we will advise you on favourable terms and conditions that should be in the contract to protect your interests. We will also coordinate with your mortgage company to ensure that financing is in place and meet all the requirements of the lending institution. Blackwood will also make sure that there are no unknown encumbrances to title to the property.

The buyer is also required to pay the stamp duty. We will advise you on how these are calculated and explain any concessions you may be entitled to claim. We will also make that payment for you. Another issue that often confounds buyers is the difference between taking title to the property as joint tenants or tenants in common. There are significant legal differences that we will explain to you, and make recommendations in that regard.

The Seller’s Property Conveyancer

There are some additional considerations for a property conveyancer in Adelaide on behalf of a seller. We need to make sure that the seller’s mortgage obligations have been discharged and properly paid. The Adelaide property conveyancers also must distribute the proceeds of the sale consistent with the instructions of the seller.

These tasks must be completed meticulously for the property transaction to be successful. Blackwood conveyancers in Adelaide have earned the reputation for providing superior service to buyers and sellers alike. We provide that level of service because we are passionate about our strict attention to detail and also because we love what we do. Call Blackwood Conveyancing regarding your next property transfer to have one of our trusted and reliable conveyancers take the stress out of your transaction.