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Many owners have handled the purchase or sale of a property without a conveyancer in Unley. While some transactions go off without a hitch, often issues arise during the process that could be easily avoided or resolved with the aid of a conveyancer. Buyers and sellers often wonder whether they need a conveyancer at the outset of a potential transaction and decide that they will hire one if problems arise further on down the road.

The Need for a Conveyancer in Unley

The biggest problem with this approach is that the parties’ rights and responsibilities may already be fixed in the contract they negotiated and wrote themselves. They also may be burdened by the fact that once the otherwise foreseeable problems arise, they may have too much money in the deal in expenses to walk away.

Make no mistake; many property transactions can be completed without a conveyancer. However, it is difficult if not impossible to know which deals will go sideways at the onset. The following scenario can illustrate the need for property conveyancing in Malvern on what otherwise appears to be a routine transaction.

In the 1980’s there was a particularly nasty airline pilot strike. The management of the airlines was involved in a public relations campaign to justify paying the pilots much less than they previously earned. Management indicated that because of the advances in technology and autopilot capabilities, airline pilots were nothing more than glorified bus drivers. Management further took the position that they did not need pilots to be making over $100,000.00 per year but could rely on entry level pilots that would only be paid between $35,000.00 and $50,000.00.

The representative of the pilot’s association walked before the news cameras and addressed the issue. He simply conceded that most of the flying of airliners is routine. However, he asked the public as a whole, “Do you want to be on an airplane on the rare occasion when the $35,000.00 per year pilot runs into the $75,000.00 a year thunderstorm? I don’t!” The strike was settled on terms pretty favourable to the pilots after that.

When transferring property, just like the thunderstorm, it is difficult to predict when problems will arise. Our professional agents, experienced in conveyancing in Kingswood, can help you avoid those problems, and assist on those rare occasions when they do occur. Conveying property anywhere, including conveyancing in Mitcham, can be a risky and complicated undertaking. It requires a significant investment and involves a valuable asset. Therefore we recommend that you involve our reliable agents when conveyancing around Unley.

Conveyancing in Kingswood involves instituting and satisfying mortgages, inspecting encumbrances, and allocating tax responsibilities. There are contractual obligations to be negotiated and reduced to writing. Those obligations then must be met to the letter. Government agencies need to be properly notified of the change in ownership, and you need to pay fees and taxes in the correct amounts.

Avoid the Real Estate Thunderstorm When Conveyancing in Malvern

Whether you are conveyancing in Malvern or Mitcham, the risks exist that problems will arise. While they are unlikely just like the severe thunderstorm, they are real and significant and can have lasting consequences.